Use These Top Social Media Market Research Tools

Are you planning to conduct a qualitative or quantitative market research using social media? The following tools are highly recommended.   Social Mention If your social media market research has something to do with trends, use Social Mention. This tool collates global user-generated content into a sheet of information. You’ll be able to see various [...]

How to Properly Boost Facebook Posts for Optimal Results

Before hitting that “Boost Post” button, please take time to read this step-by-step guide on how you can properly boost your Facebook post for greater reach and engagement.   Check the “Insights” tab to determine which post is best to boost. Click the “Insights” tab on the header of your Facebook page. Then, click the [...]

4 Metrics to Measure for Social Media Marketing Success

Aiming to establish a strong social media marketing strategy? Take note of these metrics and keep measuring them accordingly.   Audience Demographics Measuring the audience demographics helps you stay on track with your target market. It gives you an insight about the location, gender, age, interests, profession and other categories of your audience, giving you [...]

Social Media Trends to Adapt for Higher Engagement

If your business has social media accounts but you’re not seeing enough engagement, we suggest you to start adapting the following social media trends. They have worked wonders on brands across the globe. They could also be profitable for your business.   Instagram Stories Instagram users with over 10,000 followers can add a link to [...]

Digital Marketing 101: Invest on Your Website

Are you new to digital marketing? Aim for a “competitive” website first before reading and applying other digital marketing tips for businesses. To achieve this, you must invest time and resources in three things: Web Design & Web Development Navigation, branding, color scheme, cleanliness, web security, and functionality are the things you need to keep [...]

3 Ways to Integrate Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing

Countless debates were done trying to answer which between traditional marketing and digital marketing is better. The truth is, we can’t conclude with general bases. Companies have different requirements. For some, the best thing to do is to integrate both marketing strategies for optimal results. Here are three ways to integrate traditional and digital marketing: [...]

Fact: Content Marketing is Essential in Digital Marketing

They say sharing is caring. Hence, we’ve shared a list of facts and statistics for added knowledge about digital marketing. Also, these facts would give clarity regarding some myths about digital marketing. Are you ready? Content Marketing & SEO 72% of online marketers say that relevant and regular content creation is the most effective strategy [...]

How to Start Customer Journey Mapping

Through graphics, customer journey mapping provides understanding about the flow of sales and the overall customer experience. It also provides four benefits in digital marketing. Creating a customer journey map requires careful analysis of various data. You can do it on your own by following the succeeding points. Gather the touchpoints of customer interaction.  A [...]