• Top Social Media Market Research Tools

Use These Top Social Media Market Research Tools

Are you planning to conduct a qualitative or quantitative market research using social media? The following tools are highly recommended.   Social Mention If your social media market research has something to do with trends, [...]

  • How To Properly Boost Facebook Posts For Optimal Results

How to Properly Boost Facebook Posts for Optimal Results

Before hitting that “Boost Post” button, please take time to read this step-by-step guide on how you can properly boost your Facebook post for greater reach and engagement.   Check the “Insights” tab to determine [...]

  • 4 Metrics to Measure for Social Media Marketing Success

4 Metrics to Measure for Social Media Marketing Success

Aiming to establish a strong social media marketing strategy? Take note of these metrics and keep measuring them accordingly.   Audience Demographics Measuring the audience demographics helps you stay on track with your target market. [...]

  • Social Media Trends

Social Media Trends to Adapt for Higher Engagement

If your business has social media accounts but you’re not seeing enough engagement, we suggest you to start adapting the following social media trends. They have worked wonders on brands across the globe. They could [...]

  • Invest on your website

Digital Marketing 101: Invest on Your Website

Are you new to digital marketing? Aim for a “competitive” website first before reading and applying other digital marketing tips for businesses. To achieve this, you must invest time and resources in three things: Web [...]

  • 3 Ways to Integrate Traditional Marketing with Digital Marketing

3 Ways to Integrate Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing

Countless debates were done trying to answer which between traditional marketing and digital marketing is better. The truth is, we can’t conclude with general bases. Companies have different requirements. For some, the best thing to [...]

  • Content Marketing is Essential in Digital Markteting

Fact: Content Marketing is Essential in Digital Marketing

They say sharing is caring. Hence, we’ve shared a list of facts and statistics for added knowledge about digital marketing. Also, these facts would give clarity regarding some myths about digital marketing. Are you ready? [...]

How to Start Customer Journey Mapping

Through graphics, customer journey mapping provides understanding about the flow of sales and the overall customer experience. It also provides four benefits in digital marketing. Creating a customer journey map requires careful analysis of various [...]

Why You Should Get Into Video Marketing

Has your brand gotten into video marketing yet? If not, then you should start incorporating it into your marketing strategy. In this article, we’ve come up with several explanations why you should start video marketing [...]

5 Trends Your Brand Should Watch Out For

by Destiny De Guzman   New trends rise up and down in the marketing industry every year. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of five trends that your brand should take into consideration when [...]

What is Interactive Content?

by Destiny De Guzman   Over the years content marketing has become more and more competitive in order for brands to stand out from the crowd. Content now has to be more interesting, entertaining, and [...]

Why SEO should be important to you?

by Destiny De Guzman   In today’s competitive market, search engines play a large role in the discovery of a brand’s website. Majority of search engine users are more likely to click on either of [...]

Inquirer Academy’s Essentials of Social Media Management Third Run

Rising Tide facilitated the Inquirer Academy Class, Essentials of Social Media Management, on July 26 to 27. New lecturers who are part of Rising Tide's Content and Creative Strategy team also shared their experiences and [...]

Augmented Reality: The Future of Advertising

by Allison Datu   Augmented reality (AR) is defined as the technology in which it superimposes digital objects into the real world. Last year, many countries, including the Philippines were able to have their first [...]

Facebook Updates Your Brand Should Be Using

by Aica Azul    With over 1.8M active users, Facebook has continuously innovated the application throughout the years in order to meet the needs of their current users. Facebook’s recent updates—which have been further discussed [...]

Filipino Viewership in the Digital Age

by Angel Flores    Watching videos is an inescapable part of the full social media experience. The main platforms for watching videos, aside from social media, are YouTube and Netflix. According to Zenith’s Online Video [...]

Getting The Most Out Of Your Chatbot

by Klaire Dulay   In the age of social media, we have encountered different kinds of ads, activations, and interactive tools. With a great number of products and services offered in the market, it’s not [...]

5 Things To Do When You Are Running Out of Ideas

by Angel Flores   Whether it’s for school, for work, or maybe a big anniversary surprise, running out of ideas is frustrating. But what’s even more frustrating is when you have a deadline to catch [...]

4 Creative Ways Your Brand Can Use Instagram Stories

by Aica Azul   Instagram has become one of the fastest growing social media platforms since its recent launch of Instagram Stories in August 2016. It hit 100 million daily users in October and 150 [...]

4 Reasons Why CRM Should be Important to You

by Destiny De Guzman    How important are your customers to you? All marketers nowadays may agree that customers are the most valuable asset to the company.  They can say this in many ways, like [...]

4 Tips on How To Make An Ad Interesting

by Allison Datu   Advertising is not all about competition, but effective communication. The goal is to capture at first glance the attention and eventually the loyalty of your target consumers. Even the most successful [...]

Should brands become an advocate of a social cause?

by Claire Linatoc    To act or not to act? An average person spends almost nine hours a day on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Snapchat. Most of the time, people [...]

2017 Father’s Day videos that inspired us

by Maria Isabel Mallari    Father’s Day happens every year and brands have stepped up the game by creating different types of online ads that appeal to families. Branded videos, promos, and posters show love [...]

Mother’s Day Videos That Have Touched Our Hearts

Over the past years, brands have capitalized on using video as a platform for content marketing.  What then seemed to be a trend has turned into a promising vehicle furthering brands’ relevance in the Filipino [...]

How Important Is A2P In Your Business

A2P (Application To Person) and API (Application Program Interface) may sound like very technical terms but they’re actually very practical and can be relevant to your business. A2P Is basically the gateway that sends automated [...]

Rising Tide Deep Dives on Sponsored Content and Influencer Marketing

Select members of the Rising Tide team were invited by GetCRAFT to attend their workshop on Sponsored Content and Influencer Marketing. The training dove deep on topics such as understanding the difference between Content Marketing [...]

Valentine’s Day Campaigns We Can’t Help But Love

What separates superstars like Beyonce, Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga from other artists who were once on top of their game? The answer: It’s their ability to stay relevant despite the changing of the times. [...]

2017: A Video-First Year

The start of the year is usually the time when individuals take a pause to look back at the year that was, and plan their next steps for the year ahead. The same applies to [...]

2017 Mobile and Digital Trends by Rising Tide

2016 had been a great year for digital and mobile marketers, with the rise of different platforms that inspired them to be more creative with their content. Wence Wenceslao, Group Head of Rising Tide, shares [...]

$19 billion digital opportunity for the Philippines

2017 is looking bright! Google and Temasek conducted a joint study called “e-conomy SEA: Unlocking the $200 billion opportunity in Southeast Asia" which explores the opportunities in digital, specifically in e-commerce. For brands and businesses, [...]

Best Uses of Facebook Live in 2016

The success of Facebook can be attributed to its excellence in innovation. From merely being a social network, Facebook has expanded its arsenal to include different innovations such as Like Buttons, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Games, [...]

Heartwarming Christmas Branded Videos

Never underestimate the power of video. Video was 2016's hottest content format and brands are taking advantage of this by creating ads that exude the spirit of the holidays. Here are some of them:   [...]

  • New Wave Workshop with Probe Productions

New Wave Workshop with Probe Productions

The Rising Tide team conducted another workshop, this time with Probe Productions Inc. which recently revived the award-winning show of prominent journalist Cheche Lazaro. The new Probe Team is uploading their stories on a new digital [...]

Using Social Media For Your Advocacy

There is no denying that social media has become an integral part of our daily lives. It has affected the way we think and has influenced our decision-making. This is the reason why groups with [...]

What’s Performance-Based Marketing?

Most businesses run advertisements online. Some SME (small and medium enterprise) owners would even try to set up their own accounts and run digital ads for themselves, such as self-service Facebook or Instagram ads. While [...]

Why Brands Should Consider E-Commerce

The spending habits of consumers have drastically changed throughout the years. Gone are the days when people have to drag themselves all the way to the nearest mall when they have to buy something. With [...]

Branded Content Experiences vs. Traditional Ads

The era of straightforward advertising may be over. Brands and companies now realize that customers do not want to simply look at products and their specifications. Consumers now want an entertaining and immersive experience that [...]

Government Pages That Win in Social Media

Over the years, government offices in the country have earned a notorious reputation for being inefficient in disseminating information and providing services to citizens. You might have previously heard some reports of faulty government help [...]

Different campaign executions you can do with SMS

The future is now and mobile marketing is the next big thing. Mobile is unlocking possibilities for brands and marketers. SMS, a huge component of mobile marketing, still proves to be an effective way to [...]

Witty brand replies to customer complaints and messages on social media

Social media has significantly changed the way brands and consumers interact. From feedback cards and customer service hotlines, brands have now adopted a social media approach in providing consumers with great customer service experiences. Through [...]

10 Things We Learned From IMMAP DigiCon: The Power of X

In its tenth year, the IMMAP DigiCon is bigger than ever with ten breakout sessions for each of their topic categories, including Branding and Marketing, Search and Social, Content, Creative, Media, E-Commerce, Loyalty, CRM & [...]

What makes a video watchable

If content is king, then we can call video the king of kings. Among all types of digital content, video is said to deliver the highest engagement and conversation rate for brands. Audiences are more [...]

Rising Tide Supports Project #DALOY3456 to Stop Illegal Fishing

The Philippines is no stranger to the issues of illegal fishing and wildlife trafficking that threaten coastal ecosystems. This is why several groups and government agencies, including Smart Communications, Inc. the United States Agency for [...]

Why you should look at news values to predict virality

People have been consuming news ever since the printing press was invented. Before that, local town criers announce the latest happenings as they stand in front of crowds in town plazas. And why? This is [...]

Brainstorm in a bottle

You get an email from your boss. You open it. Congratulations. You have been invited to a brainstorming session. Do you feel excitement or dread? Here at Rising Tide, we found a perfect way to [...]

Rising Tide Radio Guesting at Business Brew

The Rising Tide team was invited for a radio guesting at DWBR 104.3 Business Radio's Business Brew to talk about the company, how it started, its products and services, and some of the campaigns we [...]

Inquirer Academy’s Essentials of Social Media Management Second Run

Once again, Rising Tide facilitated the Inquirer Academy Class, Essentials of Social Media Management on September 13 to 14. Students from different companies, brands, and government organizations attended the workshop to learn more about social [...]

Rising Tide attends the Asian Carrier Conference

Rising Tide recently attended the Asian Carrier Conference, a venue for international and local telecommunications professionals, ICT experts and global thought leaders to converge and exchange knowledge and business practices. The conference also serves as [...]

PLDT’s SME Nation Seminar with Rising Tide

Rising Tide was once again invited as a resource speaker, this time for PLDT's SME Nation Seminar at Cebu. Cecile Perez Tizon, Rising Tide's Business Development Head, talked about the different technological and innovative solutions [...]

Rising Tide attends Systems Integration Philippines

Now on its 14th year, Systems Integration Philippines continues to be the country’s largest and longest running trade show for technologies that are changing the way Filipinos live, work, and play. This year's conference featured [...]

Juana.com.ph goes live

Rising Tide is proud to announce the successful launch of Juana.com.ph, the newest online publication and interactive community for Filipina mothers. Done in partnership with publishing maven Juana Manahan-Yupangco, Juana.com.ph aims to inspire motherhood by providing [...]

Rising Tide at TechSauce Thailand

Over 3,000 technopreneurs from all over the world flocked to Bangkok for the hottest Asian startup conference this side of the world. This year's TechSauce Summit discussed business enterprise, fintech, gaming, e-commerce, and internet of things. One of [...]

Rising Tide attends Adobo Masterclass: The Best of Global Digital Marketing

Rising Tide attended the Adobo Masterclass: The Best of Global Digital Marketing Content Marketing Special Edition. The conference featured content marketers from the Philippines and from around the world. Speakers include Hando Sinisalu from Best [...]

New Wave Workshop x Scoopers Session: Manila Water

Rising Tide was invited by Manila Water to talk about Responsible Netizenship and Online Privacy. This was part of their Scoopers Session to educate their employees about the importance of cybersecurity. Head of Marketing Nicai [...]

Social Media Engagement Seminar with DOST

Rising Tide was invited by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and Puzzled Owl to help facilitate the Social Media Engagement Seminar with over 80 employees from their different agencies all around the Philippines. [...]

New Wave Workshop: Teleserv

Members of the Rising Tide team met with Teleserv to talk about digital and mobile channels for customer engagement, as well as handling customer concerns online. Head of Marketing Nicai de Guzman, Head of Connectivity [...]

Rising Tide attends Content 360

Rising Tide participated in Content 360 Philippines which tackled content marketing, distribution, conversion, and metrics. It was held at the SMX Convention Center in SM Aura on May 25, 2016. Notable speakers include Carlos Palma [...]

Ripple Effect: First Wave

The Ripple Effect Learning Series is a knowledge-sharing session for all things digital and mobile, headed by the Rising Tide. Members of the team conducted sessions on: The Art of Client Acquisition Storytelling in Slides [...]

Rising Tide represents Philippines in Click Asia Summit 2016

Rising Tide was proud to represent the Philippines in the Click Asia Summit 2016 held in Mumbai, India from April 21 to 22. Click Asia Summit is Asia's Largest digital marketing event which is designed [...]

MMDA Pasig River Ferry Mobile Application

Are you tired of Metro Manila's congested roads? Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is encouraging commuters to use the Pasig Ferry as an alternative means of transportation. Rising Tide developed [...]

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