Digital Marketing

Reaching target audiences effectively through relevant targeting and compelling messaging, whether it be via mobile or digital, through programmatic ads, search, or display.


Delivering videos, editorials, photos, and other materials to be distributed to different mediums, to suit your campaigns.


Integrating application-to-peer connectivity that enriches the experiences of customers or brands through a plethora of mobile and digital APIs.

Data Mining

Building branded base through data mining initiatives, from customer registration, mapping, profiling, to analytics.


Executing omni-channel promos to drive engagement, sales, and results. This includes a promo reports dashboard for your campaigns.


Creating and optimizing different platforms such as website, app, SMS, and more, to make brands and businesses more efficient and accessible to their customers.

Loyalty and Rewards

Crafting captivating loyalty platforms that give out electronic rewards, such as mobile load pins, and many more.

Payments and Transactions

We integrate different payment platforms for your website, app, or campaign and we also offer various payment platforms to power e-commerce sites.

Perfomance-Based marketing

Maximize your ad performance through constant optimization and measure the returns of your digital spend in a performance-based payment scheme.

Brand Engagement

Create engaging and branded experiences comprising of both SMS and digital executions such as ad calls, zero-rated or freenet pages, mobile magazines, and more.


SMS Solutions

Reach out to your target customers in the most direct, most personal way via text blasts with different executions.

•SMS Broadcast
•SMS Promos
•SMS Video Broadcast
•SMS Community Building
•SMS Feedback
•SMS Campaigns Reports Dashboard

Digital Suite

Amplify your presence in the digital space with an integrated campaign that runs across all channels. •Website Creation

•Mobile App Creation
•Search Engine Optimization
•Search Engine Marketing
•Social Media Management
•Display Ads
•Email Marketing
•Performance-Based Marketing
•Reporting and Insight Tools

Branded Content Experiences

End-to-end executions of engaging content delivered to your desired audience.

•Sponsored Content in Premium Channels
•Programmatic Ads
•Content Execution: Writing
•Content Execution: Video
•Content Execution: AR/VR
•Mobile Magazine
•Zero-Rated Promotions via Freenet

Performance-Based Marketing

Get the most out of your budget with an interactive advertising that pays on a performance basis.

•Social Ads
•Search Ads
•Display Ads
•App Marketing

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