Reach your target market as personally and as effectively as possible with low-cost instantaneous message blasts and having a clear and prominent online presence.


In-house multimedia production team that can create content such as music, games, editorials, or rich media to suit your campaign, ad, or promo.


We provide a system-to-system connectivity that can enrich the experience of customers or brands through API, location-based API, voice API, and more.

Data Mining

Profile your market through SMS and online means with our end-to-end process, from registration to compiling and extracting the accumulated data.


SMS and in social media promos wherein we can give mobile coupons, which can be redeemable at the client’s establishment.


We can create and optimize different platforms such as web, app, SMS, and more.

Loyalty and Rewards

Send instant load rewards, sponsored electronic pins, or blast mobile load to your customers.

Payments and Transactions

We integrate different payment platforms for your site, app, or campaign.

Create a New Wave of digital and mobile innovation with us!

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